Controlling The Meat. Try a Vegetable Pizza Instead.

July 11, 2016


Pizza is a delicious meal that is increasingly popular among people who are looking for something quick and easy to have for dinner. Pizza is attractive to people because of how easy it is to order it for delivery or to buy the ready-to-make pizza crusts or frozen pizzas from the store. But, pizza is not a healthy meal because of all of the carbs and starch in the crust, the high-fat in the cheese and all of the toppings that you can get. Vegetable pizza is a great alternative for pizza-lovers who also want to make sure they are eating healthy every night. Continue reading to find out why pizza is so unhealthy for you, how to make it healthier using vegetables and a recipe for a healthy vegetable pizza.

Why Pizza is Unhealthy

Traditional pizza can be unhealthy because of the amount of saturated fats that are present in the crust and toppings. In a regular pizza, the majority of the fats are saturated fats, which can increase your risk of heart disease. Pizzas with a lot of meat toppings, like sausage and pepperoni, contain higher amounts of saturated fats than plain cheese pizzas or pizzas with a lot of vegetable toppings. In addition, the sauce can contain a lot of sodium, so eating really saucy pizzas can cause you to consume more sodium than is healthy for you. Pizzas from delivery restaurants and frozen pizzas from the grocery store are the ones most likely to be unhealthy for you because you don’t have control over what ingredients are used. If you are searching for a healthy alternative start your search on a directory of pizza restaurants like Pizza Near Me Directory to locate a healthy pizza restaurant. They exist if you search hard enough.

Making a Healthier Vegetable Pizza

Making pizza yourself at home is a good way to control the ingredients going into the pizza and to make sure that the pizza you are making is a healthy one for you and your family. Replacing the beef and the traditional white flour crust with 100% whole wheat crust or even a vegetable crust (like cauliflower) would make the pizza healthier for you. You can buy whole wheat crusts at the grocery store or you can take it up a notch by making a whole wheat crust yourself at home. You should also make sure to avoid meat toppings, because they are high in saturated fats, and instead use a lot of vegetable based toppings. A homemade pizza that has a whole wheat crust, does not have a lot of sauce or cheese and has a large amount of vegetable toppings would be a lot healthier than something from delivery or a frozen pizza at the store.

Healthy Pizza Recipe:


Spread a light layer of low-sodium tomato sauce on whole wheat crust. Top lightly with cheese. Add lots of mushrooms, spinach and black olives. Bake at 400F (or according to pizza crust package instructions) until crust browns and cheese is bubbly. Let cool for 5min before slicing.


Pizza is delicious and the fact that it could potentially be unhealthy is no reason to eliminate it from your diet completely. There are plenty of ways to make pizza healthier so that you can continue to enjoy it as a meal. Avoid delivery or frozen pizzas from the grocery store as these are more likely to be unhealthy and have high levels of saturated fats. Eliminate meat toppings and add lots of vegetables to make your pizza healthier. With these small and simple changes you can continue to enjoy the delicious taste of pizza for dinner.