June 29, 2016

My name is Loghan Call…and I’m an idealist.

However, the last 25 years has led me to realize that we’re not all idealists. Yet, for change to take place, you need to reach a consensus. My goals will always remain lofty, but my approach will be grounded. Always striving to be appealing and accommodating to all because I believe that nearly every issue we face has a common-sense solution. The challenge is being able to cut through the egos, opinions, and stakes that come with any issue.

The keys: listening for understanding, dialogue for agreement, and action for change.

We need a revolution in civil dialogue, and an understanding that compromise does not translate into “losing.”

For me, this is reasonable-idealism. It is my hope, that moving forward we stop sliding down the slippery slope of party-politics, and trend back toward focusing on the greater good.

This blog will cover a wide variety of topics, from factory farming, down to current events. It will also be filled with vegan recipes, tips and tricks!

I currently live in Los Angeles, as a Video Producer with a focus on sustainable solutions and current events.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, please for free to connect with me, I truly appreciate any type of feedback, or opportunities to connect with people around the World.

Best regards,